Networking and social media

So, I joined Twitter and Instagram some time ago. I never really used them, though. Unlike Facebook, I didn't feel it was very personal. But recently, after building the website and diving into this musical endeavor, I decided to give them another shot. I've found that Twitter, in particular, is a very useful tool for interacting with other artists, fans of those artists and manufacturers. Instagram has been surprisingly useful there too. After interacting with The Aristocrats a few times, they began following me. Now, as an enormous fan, that left me on a high I still haven't come down from. Now, it does seem a little silly, but let's face it, everyone would be flattered for people they admire so much to follow their social media endeavors. 
Now, I happen to be fortunate to be friends with Kelly Keeling. If you aren't familiar, you should be. He's an amazing singer. Many, many people think so. I mean, you don't sing in Trans-Siberian Orchestra because you're "pretty good". Yesterday, Kelly saw a post of mine with my newest guitar and it led to him inquiring about my interest to perform a few gigs with him as Vinnie Moore is busy with UFO and performed the parts on the original recordings for Red Zone Rider. My presence on Instagram sparked the idea in his head. Might he have thought of it otherwise? Possibly. We've spoken about performing together before. But this was a direct correlation. So I am glad I made the decision to use social media more broadly. As for the gigs, I'll certainly keep you posted if they develop!